Flying insect vectors can have drastic detrimental impacts on wild and pen raised deer herds. ADAPCO has over 30 years of experience flying insect vectors. Flying insect populations, such as the midges which transmit EHD and Blue Tongue, can be managed through Ultra Low Volumes applications of EPA approved insecticides. These applications are made possible with the use ofprecision based ULV equipment and technology.

Permanone 31-66:  Premium concentrated formulation. Must be diluted with mineral oil.
Permanone 4-8:  Ready to use formulation for easy application and no mixing.
PCT 3-15 ULV:  Ready to use formulation that contains additional PBO for a much quicker knockdown!
Wisdom TC:  Residual barrier treatment product.
Suspend Polyzone:  Barrier treatment product designed for longer residuals.

ULV Equipment
Pioneer ULV backpack:  For smaller applications and barriers treatments.
Guardian 55ES:  A smaller ULV sprayer for acreage up to 25 acres. Great for ATV’s.
Guardian 95ES:  ULV sprayer ideal for larger acreage. Ideal for truck’s or UTV’s.

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