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Product Description

FYFANON ULV MOSQUITO provides proven, cost-effective control of adult mosquitoes and, as an organophosphate, keeps your pyrethroid and pyrethrin insecticides working hard by reducing the chance of resistance development. The active ingredient in FYFANON ULV MOSQUITO is malathion. Malathion has been effectively used for mosquito control around the world for more than 60 years. As an organophosphate, it is in a different class of chemistry as opposed to all pyrethroid-class insecticides.

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When/Where to Use:

FYFANON can be used for mosquito control in populated and rural areas. FYFANON can be used by air or ground for adult mosquitoes on rangeland, pasture, and other uncultivated non-agricultural areas (wastelands, roadsides).


  • Good rotational product with pyrethroid and pyrethrin adulticides to prevent resistance.
  • FYFANON label has rangeland and pastures-which most pyrethroid adulticides do not have on label.


5 gl pail, 55 gl dr, 260 gl tote

Active Ingredient:


Mode of Action:

Malathion is a cholinesterase inhibitor. Malathion by itself is not a strong cholinesterase inhibitor. It requires activation by conversion to its oxygen analog, malaoxon. Insects and mammals both possess an enzyme which allows the conversion of malathion into malaoxon. However, humans and other mammals possess a second enzyme which rapidly metabolizes malathion and malaoxon into non-active diacids. Insects do not possess this second enzyme.

Product Specs:

96.5% Malathion