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Product Description

SPHERATAX SPH 50G is a highly selective microbial larvicide granule containing the bacterium, Bacillus sphaericus. Bacillus sphaericus is a naturally occurring bacterium that is found throughout the world and effectively kills mosquito larvae present in water.

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When/Where to Use:

SPHERATAX SPH 50G may be applied to water sites, with aquatic life, fish and plants, when the mosquitoes are in the larval stage. Do not treat water sites that are finished water reservoirs or drinking water receptacles when the water is intended for human consumption.

SPHERATAX SPH 50G is effective for approximately 1 – 4 weeks after application and common sites include: permanent water habitats, especially those with high organic content such as waste lagoons, ditches, flood water pools and swamps. Also catch basins, continuously irrigated crops, pastures and known Culex sites.


  • SPHERATAX SPH 50G offers effective residual control in both clean and polluted waters.
  • SPHERATAX SPH 50G is fast acting against mosquito larvae and has a long residual.


40 lb bag or Water Soluble Pouch 800 / cs

Active Ingredient:

Bacillus sphaericus (Bs)

Mode of Action:

When applied according to label directions, SPHERATAX SPH 50G delivers B. sphaericus spores, that when eaten by mosquito larvae, release toxins into the mosquito’s gut. The toxin disrupts the gut in the mosquito by binding to receptor cells (present in insects but not in mammals) causing the larvae to stop eating and die. SPHERATAX SPH 50G is only effective against actively feeding larvae, and does not affect mosquito pupae or adults.

Product Specs:

5% Bs