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Short Description:

VECTOBAC® is a biological larvicide and provides selective, environmentally sound control of most mosquito and blackfly larvae.

Active Ingredient:

Bacillus thuringiensis, var. israelensis. (Bti)

Mode of Action:

The larvae ingest the insecticide, consisting of Bti spores and crystalline toxins produced by the bacteria. Only when activated by the larva's specific gut PH and enzymes, do the crystals become toxic, causing damage to the gut of the mosquito. Mortality rate is dependent on consumption of the Bti by 1st through early 4th instar larvae. Higher application rates are recommended if 3rd and early 4th instar larvae are predominant.

Where/When to use:

VECTOBAC can be used in several areas with standing water. It can be used for treatment in ditches, floodwater, standing ponds, livestock watering ponds and troughs, woodland pools, snow melt pool, pastures, catch basins, storm water retention areas, tidal water, salt marshes and rice fields. In addition, standing water containing mosquito larvae, in fields growing crops such as alfalfa, almonds, asparagus, corn, cotton, dates, grapes, peaches, sugar cane and walnuts may be treated at the recommended rates.


  • VECTOBAC 12 AS is available in 2x2.5 gl cs, 30 gl dr and 264 gl tote
  • VECTOBAC G is available in 40 lb bag
  • VECTOBAC GR is available in 40 lb bag
  • VECTOBAC GS is available in 40 lb bag
  • VECTOBAC WDG is available in 24 lb bag


  • Efficient control at relatively low doses.
  • Safe use for operators, no risks for environment from spills.
  • No side effects towards non-target organisms.
  • Protection of predator and parasitoid population can provide additional pest control effect.
  • The pests are less likely to become resistant.


Valent BioSciences
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