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Short Description:

VECTOLEX® is a biological larvicide and provides selective, environmentally sound control of most mosquito larvae. VECTOLEX is based on Bacillus sphaericus a naturally occurring bacturim in the environment. These fast-acting products are commonly used in municipal and industrial water treatment facilities, animal waste lagoons, storm sewer catch basins, continuously irrigated croplands and pasture, and mosquito breeding sites. VECTOLEX offers effective residual control of a number of mosquito species.

Active Ingredient:

Bacillus sphaericus (Bs)

Mode of Action:

The larvae ingest the insecticide, consisting of Bs spores produced by the bacteria. Only when activated by the larva's specific gut PH and enzymes, do the spores become toxic, causing damage to the gut of the mosquito. Mortality rate is dependent on consumption of the Bs by 1st through early 4th instar larvae. The product is quick acting and highly effective against a number of mosquito species and its long term residual makes it ideal for use in a wide number of permanent aquatic habitats.

Where/When to use:

VECTOLEX may be applied to any water sites except treated, finished drinking water reservoirs or drinking water receptacles. VECTOLEX is primarily designed for permanent water habitats and intermittently flooded sites that stay wet long enough for production of additional broads.


  • VECTOLEX FG is available in 40 lb bags
  • VECTOLEX WDG is available in 24x1 lb containers and 25 lb dr
  • VECTOLEX WSP is available in cases of 800 water soluble packets


  • Because of the products specificity it has little effect on plants, fish, or other organisms that live in the water.
  • The toxins in Bs are target specific and will not affect pets, humans, birds, fish and other non-target organisms.
  • Provides long term residual control of mosquito larvae


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